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It’s Spring in Door County!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Of all the ‘firsts’ of the new spring season, I think we appreciate the frog cacaphony most on our property. Eagle Harbor Inn sits atop 5 acres on Ephraim’s main street, and from what I understand of its history, back when we were pre-cottage, then a cottage resort, back in the 30′s – 70′s, this land was called the Ephraim Swamp. The swampy land ran from here, on the western shore of Ephraim, all the way through the Peninsula to Baileys Harbor. It is an amazing thought and one which is bourne out by taking the hiking trail from the road running behind us, due East. I occasionally walk it about sunset when walking Cleo, but by the time I get a ways into the wide wooded trail and who knows how far along toward Baileys Harbor, I start to get a little twinge of scared, as night falls & I really can’t say where I am. Our neighborhood is good for that: night sky and all, it gets pretty darn dark at different times of the year. Even Cleo will at times, allow the leash to extend all the way back behind me, with her pulling backwards, as even she doesn’t want to tread into the unknown darkness. I take it as a challenge because we feel so safe here; really much of the quiet time of year it is just the wildlife and us. Which takes me back to the frogs, which we call tree frogs. They are our harbinger of spring, surrounding us with joyful mating noise! Some folks think there isn’t much going on in this early spring time, however for those that listen, there is a world outside the door that beckons us to be silent and listen. Come experience this kind of spring ~ it’s a limited engagement!