Waseda Farms Collaboration on October 24

Black Angus cows standing in a field on Waseda Farms, Door County, Wisconsin

Door County is widely known for being a recreational lakeside getaway for city dwellers, but it is still in the state of Wisconsin where agriculture contributes $88.3 billion annually to the state’s economy. Waseda Farms is an organic farm in Baileys Harbor that takes advantage of its location within a vacation hot spot to educate visitors about the benefits of eating well, which to Waseda Farms means eating organic, sustainable, and responsibly raised food.

Because Eagle Harbor Inn shares those values, it made perfect sense to partner with Waseda Farms for an event at the Inn. In October, Sayard Geeve, the store manager at Waseda Farms, will share the history of Waseda Farms, including why they are an organic farm, what it means to be organic, and why it’s important. Geeve will also demonstrate how to make bone broth from Waseda Farms Black Angus beef and showcase ways to incorporate the nutritious liquid into seasonal recipes.

Date: Thursday, October 24

Time: 5 pm to 6:30 pm

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