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Peering Back While Looking Ahead

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

As July 1st, 2013 approaches, what has most vividly marked our 19 seasons is how that time feels so condensed! When we unloaded our shipping container in the spring of 1994 we could hear the battery operated cry of our daughter Ava’s doll, Olga. We wondered if she had cried all the way across the Pacific Ocean and across the rails of our expansive country, all the way from the Big Island of Hawaii, from where we had moved. Olga’s crying drove us to unpack quickly so we could console both her & Ava. At this juncture, we knew we were on the familiar, homey ground of Wisconsin where one named Olga was commonplace & where Nedd & I had begun our journey at the Madison Club, both in the hospitality industry and as a couple. Returning to Wisconsin, we were a family having bought our own Inn to run & grow. And 19 years later there are so many guests who have become friends, muffins & crumbs, and a history with our staff & their families. And the stories, both funny & sad, to fill chapters, if only there was time to write them!

As this new year unfolds, we are refreshed anew with the improvements of the day ushering in flat screen tvs & gluten free food options. And this excitement at continued improvement and change is what tells me that in our hearts we still love what we do and that just as in the 19 years that have passed, we will be here to welcome you and your family to make more terrific Door County memories of which all of our lives are composed! Happy New Year to all!